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Our Philosophy

The Blissed Out Mamas parenting philosophy incorporates practices of attachment parenting, including longer breastfeeding, shared sleep, baby wearing, and lots of physical affection. It also includes lots of reading to your child, gentle, consistent discipline, plus, family and self nourishment through food and food creation. Understanding that creating wholesome food and incorporating the use of organic, responsibly farmed ingredients, is a spiritually gratifying experience. Respecting nature, and the animals we eat, is an act of generosity that teaches kindness and compassion to our children, and nourishes our health, our creativity, and our spirit. The Blissed Out Mamas philosophy is an understanding that cooking and breastfeeding go hand in hand. The making of food, either in the kitchen or with our bodies is an act of pure love. We are making our babies healthier, ourselves healthier, our families healthier, and the planet healthier. This philosophy forms a perfect cycle of nourishment, love and creativity that

feeds the body, mind, and soul. This is

intended to continue through the life cycle

and on to future generations.

Attachment and trust equals breasfeeding success and confidence
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