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Jessica C.

I am so appreciative that I have been able to work with Lisa at Blissed Out Mamas. I was 3 days postpartum when I first saw her. My son and I were having a lot of issues breastfeeding. She was able to help us get his tongue tie corrected after a hospital LC and a pediatrician both told me he was fine (he definitely was not, but is now doing great at latching since it's been corrected!) I've also struggled with low supply issues. He's now 2 months and she continues to help us on our journey to successful breastfeeding. We wouldn't be where we are today without her. She has been such an incredible source of support and knowledge. You can tell she has such a passion for what she does! I am so grateful for the breastfeeding relationship my son and I now have because of her. Love going to her weekly groups as well where I have met some awesome mamas to connect with. Thank you Lisa!


Hillary K.

We met Lisa when I was feeling extremely frustrated and at the end of my rope with breastfeeding.  My baby girl was 5 weeks old and at this point we had dealt with a  NICU stay, exclusively pumping in the beginning, use of a nipple shield, thrush (her and me), and cracked nipples.  At one point I was putting 7 different ointments/treatments on my nipples a day to keep them from bleeding.  I called Lisa and she made time to come out and see us as soon as we were all available.  She helped me identify that I did indeed have thrush, identified tongue and lip tie in my daughter and was so incredibly supportive of my breastfeeding goals and everything I had done up to that point.  With the information Lisa gave us regarding tongue/lip tie and our options we decided to go ahead and have both revised.  Within a few weeks nursing was completely different and I was only applying lanolin now and again when my daughter would revert to the old way of nursing.  Lisa continued to help me as we dealt with oversupply, strong let down and hand, foot and mouth disease (which affected how my daughter nursed) directly following the lip/tongue tie revision.  Without her help I’m not sure that we would have been able to continue breastfeeding and she is one of the heroes of my daughter’s health care for helping us to continue breastfeeding despite the many challenges we faced in the first few months.  Thank you Lisa!   


Isabella F.

Dear Lisa-- I can't thank you enough for helping me last week. You not only are good at your in-person work, but it was above and beyond to have you so available via phone after our consultation. You have such an important job, and have played a key role in my early mothering. I won't forget it!!


Amanda B.

Lisa really helped us figure out what was going on with breastfeeding! She came over and calmed me down, helped me understand what to expect, what was normal and what isn't, and gave me lots of encouragement. Her communication was great and I will always feel grateful for her service. Thank you!  


Lauren G.

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help with breastfeeding. Aiden is now exclusively breastfeeding!!! (Just to remind you of our situation ... Difficulty getting him to the breast, low supply, TONS of pumping, bottle feeding, etc...) Didn't know if this would ever happen and could not be happier about it. Would not have gotten here without your support and advice. I brought him in for a weight check and he had gained 18 oz in 2 weeks.  Thanks again!!!

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