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At Blissed Out Mamas, we nurture mom, so she can nurture her baby! Blissed Out Mamas is a beautiful, caring space that is available both virtually and by appointment. Pregnant and postpartum women will find the answers, the tools, and the support, to get educated, feel confident, and achieve her parenting goals. When a woman succeeds at breastfeeding, she is succeeding as a parent. She learns to love and appreciate her body in a wonderful new way, and that is amazingly empowering!

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Eva H.

I first contacted Lisa when my son was 3w old and we were having problems with latching and inefficient feedings. Lisa was able to identify what the causes were, and worked with me to correct them. My Baby is 4 1/2 m old now and feeding great and we were able to also get off the nipple shield. But this is also one stop stop shop for new and future moms. From great and safe lotions and creams (nipple cream is excellent) to purchase to yoga and baby wearing classes. Its also a great place to meet other moms and safe for you to bring your newborn.

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"We're not just filling their stomachs; we're feeding

their souls. And our own." 

- Sweet Sleep: Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family

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